Interior Design Styles That Will Survive

Plaster and Marble Sculptures

Plaster and marble busts have been making a big comeback, as they add a lot of dimension and saying to a vignette. Try putting one in an unexpected location like your bathroom or cabinet to hold a number of your accessories. In case a bust still seems like too much, try a chest, hand, or perhaps foot.

Inside Greenery

Plants, plants, and more plants. They’re among the latest interior design trends and they bring the outdoors in, not just with greenery, but nature inspired colours and warmer tones.

The Real Meaning of Home

“We have seen a strong shift toward decluttered, modern interiors filled with meaningful art and art objects–rooms which are refreshing and forward-thinking while still warm and comfy. People seem to be moving toward simplicity, quality, and a desire to create each moment of the lives memorable. And they look for their homes to reflect that desire.”

Greener Kitchens

Sustainability in kitchen layout is coming in powerful for 2020. “We adore Grohe’s fresh smart faucet which incorporates filtered water, sparkling water, and tap water into one tap, eliminating the need for all sorts of plastic water bottles”.

Livable Space

“All white walls are outside. It should not take most homeowners very long to see the apparent reasons why the snowy tendency is less than desirable. Maintaining the pristine quality and allure of this all-white look can be hard, especially if people mean to dwell in the area “

Colored Ceilings

“Painted ceilings are where it’s at. They make the room feel cozier and can conceal a range of unsightly structural elements. Do not be shy with your colour choices. There is plenty of bright pops of colour: magenta, cobalt blue, emerald green, sun yellow, and acid orange”

Jewel Tones

“What is winning in 2020: profound, bold colours, specifically stone tones. Hunter greens, deep teals, velvety plums, and even black are everywhere, rather than simply on our walls, but on home exteriors, kitchen cabinets, and sofas. Our homes feel more private and lived-in, which is definitely a win.”


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